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As your wait for your new arrival you may be looking into getting the best baby bouncer for your baby.

Perhaps you already have a newborn who simply loves being rocked in your arm and craves your loving touch. You may be eager to get a top baby bouncer to free up your hands as much as possible.

Not everyone is always there to hold your baby 24/7 and sometimes (or most of the time) you may be alone with the baby.

When my newborn was born, I didn’t even think of having a safe place to put the baby while she was awake! I couldn’t always leave her in the crib but that’s what I was doing when I needed a restroom break, needed to cook something quickly, or just take a breather! So… eventually, within a few weeks of the newborn period, I ended up purchasing an Ingenuity Swing, which helped put her to sleep, and as she aged, I also purchased a rocker that I could take anywhere!

Now what I bought may not necessarily be suitable for you so that’s why I’ve put a list of items I’ve put for you too as I am also on the lookout for another bouncer or swing, or combo, since I have donated the previous one to the thrift store.

So here are my Picks while I am investigating the products for you!

Affordable Baby Bouncers Under $50.00

If you have a budget and want to spend as little money as possible (and some bouncers last only about 6 months anyways or up to a certain weight), check out these wonderful every day bouncers for your precious little one:


Fisher-Price Baby’s Bouncer

I think whichever color you choose, it is an affordable bouncer under $50 that everyone will love! The product provides a cradling seat to support and comfort your baby. It comes with soothing vibration to calm the baby. The toy bar is removable so you can easily pick up your little one.

This bouncer weighs about 5 pounds, small, and portable. You can put this in any room you are in to be close to your baby. Minimum weight of your baby should be 5 pounds and the maximum allowable weight is 25 pound per manufacturer specifications.

The only thing is, this is not foldable and cannot be packed for traveling. Once you assemble it, that is how it will stay. But it still looks pretty awesome!

Click here for Pricing and Detail Information on Amazon

Bright Starts Playful Pinwheels Bouncer

What do you think of this Bright Starts Playful Pinwheels Bouncer from Amazon? It comes with 3 color options, Blue, Red, and Pink, suitable for boy or girl! It comes with a soothing vibration feature(battery operated) to help calm the baby and comes with interactive toys to keep the baby entertained! The toy handle is removable so you can pick up your little one easily.

This bouncer also weighs about 5 pounds, small, and is portable.  The maximum weight allowed on this bouncer is 25 pounds. You can start using this as soon as your newborn comes home.

Many have praised this bouncer for these babies and so your baby will for sure love this awesome bouncer!

Click here for Pricing and Detail Information on Amazon

Baby Trend EZ Bouncer

This awesome little bouncer is another option if you don’t like the above. Comes with very similar features but this one actually comes with Music, sounds, and calming vibrations. It also comes with a nice cushion seat to soothe your baby. There is also a toy bar to entertain the baby and it’s removable to help you easily pick up your little one.

This one, actually only allows babies who are 3+ months. It also happens to be very lightweight and the battery life actually lasts longer, up to 80 hours according to the manufacturers’ descriptions. It is much more lightweight, about 4 pounds, so it is small, light, and portable. If you happen to be going to the beach or camping, this might not be so bad to take along with your vacation plans. It does not fold though, which is a bummer for most affordable baby bouncers.

Click here for Pricing and Detail Information on Amazon

This bouncer is so adorable! Your baby will for sure be entertained by the fishes he or she sees while sitting in this lofty seat. This one is coming with a large baby-safe mirror for self-discovery, an interactive toy bar that is removable and comes with soothing vibration to calm the baby. It is still lightweight and easy to transport.

My daughter, loved watching fishes in the fish tank, watching fish nursery rhymes, and eventually she moved on to “Finding Nemo” and “Finding Dory”.

The recommended minimum weight for this one is 7 pounds, and the maximum manufacturer weight is 20 pounds. The product is about 6.5 pounds and requires batteries to operate.

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