A Quarantined Thanksgiving

2020 has been the most bizarre year of the 21st century. I can’t imagine a Thanksgiving without gathering with loved ones. Majority of the past decade, I have always attended Thanksgiving outside of our home with loved ones, with the exception of one Thanksgiving at a restaurant(long story).

Usually we are either with my husband’s relatives or my parents each Thanksgiving.

This year, will be just my husband, my daughters and me. It will be the first thanksgiving that we actually will be in our own home. As recommended by CDC, we are planning to spend the Thanksgiving holiday at home to protect our loved ones.

And well, here is our plan for Thanksgiving festivities(though as a mom of 2 active kids, I wonder how much will we accomplish!):

1. Start with a Filling Thanksgiving Breakfast

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We will begin the day with a heavy breakfast of eggs on top of vegetables. This will keep us full until it is time for Thanksgiving Dinner! Yum!

2. Plan a Simple Thanksgiving Dinner Meal for Family of 4

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A delicious dinner has always been a major part of Thanksgiving gatherings across America. I cherish the memories made with our loved ones on Thanksgiving. It is a joyous time to be with our family and enjoy spending time together.

Our focus for Thanksgiving dinner will be to keep our girls involved(ages 6 and 3) and immersed in the Thanksgiving Holiday spirits.

Here is what we have planned for a family of 4 :

Roasted Turkey Breast

We bought a 3 pound turkey breast which should be enough for the 4 of us. We plan to marinate the turkey ahead of time and will roast the turkey in the oven on Thanksgiving Day. Here is the recipe we might use: Roasted Turkey Breast

Side Dishes
  • Mash Potatoes
  • Steamed Green Beans
  • Home-made Caesar Salad
  • Sweet Potato Fries
Dessert & Tea

A festive meal is not complete without Dessert and Chai(Tea). We plan to make Rice Pudding (Kheer) and add Orange food colorings to reflect the Fall colors!

Green Tea with Cardamon is always a great pair with desserts.

Ideas for Kid-Friendly Thanksgiving Activities

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Apart from planning, preparing, and cooking dinner, there is always a tons of activities that we can do on Thanksgiving Day. Here are some ideas!

3. Watch the Macys Thanksgiving Parade on TV

I remember it was a norm in my household growing up to have the Macy’s Thanksgving parade on TV. This year, we will try to start the tradition with our kids. With Covid restrictions, this once-in-a-lifetime experience since the parade will be held virtually and without a crowd.

4. Make Thanksgiving Cookies

Baking and Decorating Thanksgiving Cookies after breakfast will be a ton of fun for the kids. Decorating cookies will keep the kids occupied while you work on the main course!

Here a simple Thanksgiving cookies recipe that you can do with kids>>

5. Facetime Relatives

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Abiding to Social Distancing Guidelines set by CDC means we will be Facetiming our family and friends. Many members of our friends and family members are senior citizens or have pre-existing conditions. Some may be feeling lonely so give them a facetime call or host a virtual Zoom meeting.

6. Thanksgiving Crafts

If cookies aren’t enough, keep your kids occupied with Thanksgiving Crafts. There are tons of Thanksgiving Crafts ideas on Pinterest.

Here is the the link to Easy Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids >>

7. Decorate your home!

Decorating your home with Fall Leaves and colors can lift the festive spirits for your family and home. This year has been tough to go out to shopping centers, so we are bringing the decorations home!

Thanksgiving Decorations you can order now on Amazon >>

8. Fruit Platter

This is something interesting that I found for the children to participate in crafting. The idea is to have a fruit platter resembling a Turkey!

Check out the Turkey Fruit Platter recipe here by Healthy Family Projects >>

9. Enjoy the Outdoors

If time and weather after cooking and crafts allows for outdoor time, seize the moment! You can take your family on a walk or bicycle rides around the block for some fresh air before returning to gobble up your turkey!

10. Dinner Time Festive Questions

This sounds like a fun idea to get a conversation going with the kids and useful if you are hosting a Virtual Thanksgiving. The printable focuses on Thanksgiving Themed questions and a helpful conversation starters.

You can get the printable list at Alice and Lois>>

11. Watch a Fall Movie

After Thanksgiving Dinner and Clean Up, nothing beats watching a movie with the kids. My kids will probably choose Frozen 2 and they’ve watched it almost every weekend several times a day.


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