I enjoy watching Disney movies with my daughters. I am happy that the movies today represent stronger role models versus princess waiting for her prince charming There are many wonderful life lessons from Disney movies that children and adults can value.

Here are some great life lessons from Disney Movies:

1. Moana: Never give up

This is one of my favorite movies I had enjoyed watching with my daughter. One of the important lessons in this movie is that there will be hard times, but you should not give up. Moana did not know how to sail a boat nor did she know how to navigate the ocean using the stars. The life lesson from this Disney move is that despite the lack of experience, she persisted, made mistakes, fell down, but she still got back up and learned.

2. Tangled: Face Your Fears

Despite being locked away in a tower, Rapunzel still had a curiosity for the world. Though scared at first, she went out into the world and faced the world to see the floating lights. And only once she faced her fears, she discovered more answers about herself.

3. Finding Dory: You have capabilities beyond your imagination

Though Dory suffers from short-term memory loss, she never let doubt cross her mind. She had goals she wanted to accomplish (Which was finding her parents, rescuing Marlin and Nemo from the truck, crossing the ocean, getting her octopus friend in the ocean and many more goals), she had no doubt in her capability of accomplishing any one of them. Life is full of struggles. Do not let obstacles in your life stop you from reaching your goals. You are capable more than you can imagine.

4. Brave: Be Independence

Merida is a smart, independent and adventurous princess. She is very well educated and knew how to get around the laws of marrying a prince. One thing is clear, is that she will not be waiting for a prince to sweep her away and fulfill her dreams. Your life can only go where you want it to.

5. Frozen: Families comes in all shapes in sizes

Our family is different. All families are different. Do not ever be ashamed of your family, because, in the end, they will be the ones who are standing next to you. Anna loved her sister, and she sacrificed herself to save her sister from being sworded by Prince Hans. Always remain close to your family.

6. Lilo and Stitch: Things don’t always go your way no matter how hard you try.

In Lilo and Stitch, we saw Nani struggled a lot throughout the entire film to find and keep a job while raising a little sister. Nani told Lilo “Sometimes you try your hardest, but things don’t work out the way you want them to. Sometimes things have to change and maybe sometimes they’re for the better…”

7. Mulan: You can be a girl and a warrior

Mulan became a warrior, which was a role reserved for males in ancient China. She defied the cultural norms and proved what it takes to be a warrior. Gender does not define who you are and does not limit your career aspirations.

8. Beauty and the Beast: Don’t judge the book by its cover

The story emphasizes the importance of not judging people based on their looks and first impressions. The soft, gentle, and kind character of the Beast are uncovered through love, patience, and kindness. Discover the kids on your playground and give everyone a chance to show their true character.

9. Princess and the Frog: Stay focused and determined

Tiana encountered a lot of distractions, naysayers, and obstacles, however she stayed focused on her vision. Even as a frog, she remained the same and was determined to become human again to achieve her dreams. She had a dream for herself to become a successful restaurant owner. In the movie, she was able to make her dream of owning a restaurant a reality. Be determined to make bring your dreams to life and conquer all obstacles that comes your way.

Do you have any additional life lessons from Disney movies that could go on this list? Please feel free to mention in the comments below or send me an email to let me know!


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