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Car Pedal Extenders Review

Pedal Extenders for Short Drivers, Petite or Pregnant Moms. 

Do you feel that you sit too close to the steering wheel? Have your friends or family mentioned you are dangerously close to the steering wheel? Are pedals too far back for your feet to reach to sit a safe distance from the steering wheel? Does your car not offer adjustable pedals? Are you pregnant and uncomfortably close to the steering wheel? Able Motion Mobility PX2.0 Black Pedal Enhancement Extender for pregnant or petite moms can help!  

If you have any of the above questions, you are right to have them and be concerned. Sitting too close to the wheel is extremely dangerous and can cause serious injury or death.

How far should you sit from the steering wheel?  

According to limited research by NEJM, the safe distance from the steering wheel is about 10 inches. Sitting any closer, can put you at risk as a petite mom or pregnant woman.

What are the dangers of sitting too close to steering wheel?

In case of crash and airbag deploying, risks are serious injuries or death. The power of an airbag can generate a force of nearly 2,000 pounds and expands at approximately 200 miles per hour! This is reason enough for me to think about getting pedal extensions installed in my SUV.  

There are ways to make sure that you sit comfortable far away from the steering wheel. One of them is using pedal extensions and the other is to get a car that has adjustable pedals!

Using Car Pedal Extenders to sit 10 Inches from Steering wheels

One day I was driving and one of my best friends noticed that I sat dangerously close to the wheel. She advised that I must do something to ensure that I sit further from the steering wheel. She, herself had suffered injuries from an rear ended accident and became concerned for my safety in case of air bag deploys.

So I began researching and realize, for the last 15 years I had been driving very dangerously close to the wheel. As a mom, it is important for me to also think for myself and ensure my safety and health to always be around for my kids. I also had driven while I was pregnant up until 7 months until I was no longer able to without touching the steering wheel. 

I had researched pedal extensions and whether someone could install them for me, but companies to install pedal extensions are very limited, not certified or if they were certified, then it was very costly. 

I ended up deciding to install the pedal extensions myself. The YouTube videos on installing pedal extensions seems very simple and just needed some mechanical abilities.

The pedal extenders I ended up choosing was Able Motion Mobility PX2.0 Black Pedal Enhancement Extender.

Reasons I chose this product:

  • Easy Installation
  • Came with all the tools I needed
  • Takes less than 1 hour to Install
  • Extended my pedals so I could sit further back!

When the pedal extensions arrived, I worked with my father to get the pedal extenders installed.  The space between the steering wheel and the seat is extremely tight so luckily I was petite enough to get in there! Here are some pics!

pedal extenders for pregnant or petite moms

So it wasn’t so difficult to figure out how to install the pedal extensions. I think it’s fairly easy and anyone can do it. You do not need to be a mechanic or a professional to do this. One thing you do have to make sure of is that the bolts are very tight once you find the position. The bolts are self locking which is even greater! The extensions are adjustable so make sure you position the pedals at the angle and distance you are comfortable with. Prior to tightening them, test it out while sitting in driver’s seat. I did adjustments at least 3 times before I found the right one for the gas pedal, and maybe twice for the brakes before tightening the bolts.

Buy SUVs with Adjustable Pedals

If you are on the market for a new SUV for your family, you can also look into SUVs that offers adjustable pedals. These SUVs comes with adjustable pedals and adjustable seating. The benefit of buying such SUV is that it will allow adjusted seats and pedals to accommodate different heights and sizes making a perfect fit for both petite or pregnant moms and tall dads.

Here are a 10 SUVs that comes with adjustable pedals as mentioned in autobytel:  

  1. Cadillac Escalade
  2. Chevrolet Suburban
  3. Chevrolet Tahoe
  4. Dodge Durango
  5. Ford Expedition
  6. Ford Explorer
  7. Ford Flex
  8. GMC Yukon
  9. Lincoln MKT
  10. Lincoln Navigator

I hope you found this article helpful in making your decision on whether to get a whole new vehicle or stick to pedal extenders. The benefit of pedal extenders is that they can be used in most vehicles safely, so you won’t have to give up your favorite car!

Just in case, here is a link to the product I bought on Amazon: Able Motion Mobility PX2.0 Black Pedal Enhancement Extender.

*Update 7-27-2018 Review*

Well, the extenders are great and have not became loose at all. I am much more comfortable and a more safe distance from the steering wheels. I actually feel like I can see much more better on the side mirrors vs being so close to the steering wheel.

I recommend anyone who is vertically challenged, or pregnant to get these pedal extenders as they will help, very easy to install and adjustable! I hope you found my review helpful. Here is the direct link to purchase: Able Motion Mobility PX2.0 Black Pedal Enhancement Extender.

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